Refund Policy

1. We want our customers to be satisfied with the products they purchase from us. Therefore, should you have any issue(s) with any of our Products, we would be happy to work with you to find a resolution.

2. Simply follow these steps: 

  1. Check that items are not sale items.
  2. Ensure that the items are in original condition and packaging, have not been opened or damaged, and are otherwise in new order and condition.
  3. Continue to store the items appropriately (typically at or below 4°C – unless otherwise advised by us).
  4. Contact us by email at: to file a claim within 3 business days of becoming aware of the issue(s).

You must provide the following information in writing to enable us to process your claim.

  • Details of the issue(s) with the products including photographs and/or quality assurance records (where applicable).
  • Details of the remaining product shelf-life (e.g. expiry date or best before date).

3. Except as required by law, a claim cannot be accepted if the above conditions have not been met. 

4. Except as required by law or otherwise agreed by us in writing, if your claim is accepted:

  • We will contact you to inform you of our decision and to provide you with further details of how you are to return the products (if applicable).
  • If instructed by us to do so, you must return the products (at your cost) as a condition of any credit or refund bring provided.
  • Any credit or refund issued will be for the invoiced value of the products only, minus a 10% restocking and handling fee. 

5. In accordance with clause 6.3 of our General Terms and Conditions, our liability for a breach of consumer guarantees is limited (at our election) to the replacement of the products, the supply of equivalent products, the payment of the cost of replacing the products, the payment of the cost of acquiring equivalent products or the repair of the products (noting that the latter option is likely to be impractical for our products). Any decision to issue a refund to resolve a claim will be made in our absolute discretion.

6. Without derogating from clauses 3 or 5:

  • No claim for “change of mind” will be accepted.
  • No claim for mould will be accepted if the packaging has been opened or tampered with.
  • No credit, payment, replacement or refund will be provided in connection with any products that are returned with less than 50% shelf-life remaining. Note: Replacement products with less than 50% shelf-life remaining cannot be rejected by you or be subject to a separate claim unless we agreed, as part of the terms of the initial order, to provide you with products with a particular shelf-life length at the time of supply.

7. If you have any questions about this Returns Policy, please contact us by email at: or phone at: +61 3 9330 2282.